Head Coach – Paul Martin

paul martin

I started swimming at the age of 11 at Feltham Swimming Club. I was put into the diving pit and swam widths for the next year or so. From here I slowly moved up the groups until I made the top lane when I was 16. I stayed at the Club until I finished my O Levels and then left swimming for a couple of years to play cricket and squash.

When my eldest was old enough, I took her to the local swimming club in Staines and was eventually roped in to help. From there it was a short step to teaching at which point I decided to get some qualifications as it was far more interesting being involved, as opposed to sitting on the side of a hot, humid pool for hours on end.

Both my wife and two children are qualified Level 2 Swimming Teachers so at times, you can find us all at the same pool teaching from Stage 1 up to Adults so the conversation around the dinner table can be a bit predictable.

What of the next few years at Hounslow? I am looking forward to seeing where the Club’s progress will take as there is so much potential across all of the Groups and part of my job is to see everyone enjoying their swimming because if you enjoy something, you will generally do better.

Swimming is a great sport which I’ve bee involved with for over 40 years and wonder how many of the Hounslow swimmers will be competing or on a poolside somewhere in 2053?